CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – A Clintonville officer is being recognized after her heroic efforts helped save a baby’s life.

The incident began on March 15, when Officer Garber responded to a home for a report that a 5-week-old infant was choking and not responsive.

When Officer Garber arrived at the scene she made contact with the infant’s parents to get all of the necessary information and then proceeded to check on the baby.

Officer Garber recalled that the baby was blue in the face, had no pulse, and was not showing signs that they were breathing

Officer Garber quickly began lifesaving measures and after about 40 chest compressions, the baby began crying, breathing, and regaining color.

Shortly after, Clintonville Area Ambulance Service arrived at the scene and took over the care of the child.

Once the child was safe, Officer Garber turned her attention to the parents offering them comfort during the traumatic experienced that had just transpired.

Now just one month later, Officer Garber is being hailed a hero for her actions.

A special ceremony was held for Officer Garber on Tuesday where she was presented with the Life Saving Award. In attendance at the ceremony were many of Officer Garber’s fellow comrades as well as the family she helped.

“Because of her calm demeanor, quick assessment, and training, her efforts that day successfully saved a human life…On behalf of the Clintonville Police Department and the Citizens of the City of Clintonville, we want to recognize and commend Officer Garber’s actions on that day,” shared the Clintonville Police Department.