FOX LAKE, Wis. (WFRV) – Authorities in southern Wisconsin are issuing reminders to parents after finding a CO2 BB replica pistol on a playground at a school.

According to the Fox Lake Police Department, officers found a CO2 BB replica of a Sig Sauer P365 on the playground at SAGES School.

Officers say that the replica is a true metal, meaning it looks exactly like a Sig Sauer P365 firearm.

“If a police officer observed a child pointing this at another child or teacher, [we] cringe at what could result,” said the Fox Lake Police Department on its Facebook page.

The weapon was inadvertently left on the playground by a 12-year-old non-SAGES student. It is reported that a 19-year-old had provided the 12-year-old with the CO2 BB replica. The CO2 cartridge was empty, and the weapon was unable to be fired.

The Fox Lake Police Department is encouraging adults to lock up weapons so they’re not accessible by a child.