Coast Guard Performs Ice Breaking Operations in Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal

Local News

The US Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw was out on the water Friday performing ice breaking operations.

The Mackinaw’s ice breaking created a turning basin in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal. This will allow commerical ships to be able to sail throughout the waterway, and transport fuel and other supplies.

“We tried to create a space big enough for a vessel because some of these vessels are as long as 1000 feet long,” said the Mackinaw’s commanding officer, John Stone. “So we had to cut a big enough opening so they could turn about… We were very careful to make sure that we only cut the ice within the shipping lane, between the bouys, and only the ice that we needed to cut because there’s still some people out here on the ice for recreational use.”

Most of the ice the Mackinaw broke was between 12-18 inches thick.

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