Cold air funnel clouds possible with heavy rain showers

Local News

This autumn like weather is bringing more than just cool air and rain showers. Storm Team  5 is learning of reports of a funnel cloud that was spotted near De Pere and Hobart on Wednesday afternoon (June 12, 2019).

These types of funnels look ominous, but rarely bring any danger. These funnels are formed through a different process in comparison to tornadoes.

As really cold air aloft helps to create an unstable atmosphere, wind shear interacts with an updraft from a rain shower or thunderstorm. If conditions are right, the updraft can stretch and tighten and you will see a funnel form just under the base of the cloud.

These funnels rarely actually touch the ground, and they are very common in late September through mid October.

Please let us know if you see one!

-Chief Meteorologist Luke Sampe

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