APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV)-The organization is called Cole’s Crusade. So it kind of makes sense that one of its major fundraisers involves a big obstacle course, allowing kids to go on a little crusade of their own as they help raise money for a good cause.

On Sunday at Memorial Park in Appleton, Cole’s Crusade founder Cole Stoffel hosted his annual obstacle course race which raises money for families that are battling critical illnesses.

“Obstacles kind of represent what the kids who are battling critical illness go through, they go through a bunch of obstacles,” said Cole’s Crusade founder Cole Stoffel.

The obstacle course race is for kids. The race begins and finished up a hill. There are 20 obstacles the kids must navigate as well, everything from climbing walls, to tunnels the kids have to crawl through to a tire pull obstacle.

Stoffel designed the final obstacle on the course which is a climbing wall with a bell on top of it. Many hospitals have their cancer patients ring a bell when they have finished with their treatments so that’s where the inspiration for that obstacle came from.

Stoffel has a chronic liver disease and he said that this is a big reason why he’s so invested in this cause. At the fundraiser, Stoffel was able to raise about $20,000 for his nonprofit.

“Seeing the smile on those kids faces when you see that and them enjoying it, it kind of brings it all together,” said Stoffel.

This is the sixth year that Stoffel has hosted the obstacle course race. He told Local Five News that he first became interested in helping those with critical illness when his second grade teacher passed away from brain cancer. 

You can find more information about Cole’s Crusade here.