FOX CITIES, Wis. (WFRV) – To make it easier to talk about race and have compassionate community conversations, Imagine Fox Cities is providing a series of free conversation guides to those who live and work in the region.

“We’re launching this series on Juneteenth in recognition of the lasting racial inequities in the US that have their origins in the transatlantic slave trade,” said Kimberly Barrett, Co-Chair of the Imagine Fox Cities Belonging sub-committee and Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Lawrence University. “The enduring taint of racism left by slavery on our society is painfully clear in the negative health disparities experienced by communities of color during the current pandemic and the recent police-involved killing of African Americans.”

Coordinated by the Belonging sub-committee, the three-guide series includes information and instructions for having 90-minute conversations focused on listening and sharing – without judgment or debate.

The first conversation guide is about understanding the idea of race.

The second focuses on racism, and the third will explore ways to practice anti-racism.

Facilitator guides will be provided for those who wish to host a conversation and The Belonging group will share a new guide every two weeks for six weeks, beginning Monday, June 22, on the Imagine Fox Cities website:

No prior training is needed to effectively use the guides, however, if people would like assistance in hosting and facilitating these conversations, volunteers are available.