Enrollment at UW-Green Bay is growing. And while that is good news –  it is creating a housing problem. But as Kris Schuller reports a community partnership was formed last fall to help provide shelter for up to 100 students. 

At UW-Green Bay demand for on-campus housing is high, as parents like Jennifer Swan look to keep their kids close to campus.

“The convenience of the dorms and the apartments are right here, so you know your kids are safe,” Swan said. 

But this past school year Vice Chancellor Eric Arneson says supply couldn’t meet demand. 

“Last year for example we had 160 students on a wait list that we couldn’t provide housing for,” said Arneson. 

Troubling news that Arneson hates to share with parents – who may take their children elsewhere.

“It’s difficult when you talk to a parent and they say “I want to send Tammy to UWGB but I want her to live on campus” and it’s –  you’re on a waiting list, so it is challenging,” Arneson added.

But for every problem there is a solution and, in this case, help is coming from DeLeers Construction, the builder of University Heights @ Baird Creek off University Avenue – the future home of some 200 apartments currently under construction.

“We approached them to see if there was interest in us converting two of the buildings on the property to student housing buildings,” said Eric Orsbon, regional vice president for BMOC, Inc. which will manage the property. “And they were very excited about that.”

“They’re going to build a facility over the summer, which is very ambitious, but be done by the end of August, where they’ll be able to house 100 students,” Arneson said.

The two buildings will be just for students with furnished two, three and four-bedroom layouts – including all utilities. 

“They saw it as a good opportunity for them, but also an opportunity to help out the university and the community,” said Arneson.

A solution Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt also lobbied for.

“The city put money into this, this is a partnership project, we wanted this, the university wants it, the developer wants housing, so it’s a partnership,” Schmitt said.

“If you’re going to be off campus it’s as close as you can be –  to being on campus,” added Orsbon.

Student housing ready for the fall – a community partnership to meet a growing demand.