GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich stooped by the Local Five studio Tuesday morning to discuss his second-term priorities, which include taking care of the city’s coal piles, bringing Amtrak to Green Bay, and establishing an Office of Violence Prevention.

Mayor Genrich noted that taking care of the coal piles and opening up land in the downtown area has been something mayors have wanted to do for “70 years.” He says moving the coal piles north and closer to the bay could be very impactful for the downtown area and would open up about 35 acres of land near the waterfront.

“I think the biggest reason is because it’s the most prime area of our community. They’re not making any more downtown waterfront. That’s obviously a location where a lot of people would love to be in terms of residential use, bars and restaurants, parkland, and other things.”

The Mayor says conversations between the Port of Green Bay and the C Reiss Coal Company have been encouraging and is hoping an agreement can be made.

Another priority is to bring Amtrak to Green Bay. As with the coal piles, Mayor Genrich says it could be a long painstaking process, but says he hopes to hear good news this summer on that potential project.

“I feel confident that we’re going to get some good news from the Federal Railroad Administration. Designating this corridor from Milwaukee to Green Bay, moving through the Fox Cities, as one that’s really worthy of additional study and hopefully some resources.

Mayor Genrich also touched on one more priority, the establishment of the Office of Violence Protection as a way to intervene or prevent residents around the city from being exposed to violence.

“We understand there’s a lot the police are needing to bear the burden for in terms of keeping our community safe and that’s obviously their primary responsibility. The city organization and the community as a whole also has, I think, a responsibility to get involved in that effort.”

The Mayor says the city plans to hire a director for the Office of Violence Protection within the next few months.

Mayor Genrich also spoke about a donation from JBS and partnering with De Pere for No Mow May.

The Mayor says JBS donated $500,000 and 26 acres of land between the KROC Center and Walmart. Mayor Genrich says the money will go to repurposing the land into potential housing, urban agriculture, and a park.

The Mayor also commented on No Mow May saying that Green Bay is one of the communities participating. He says residents looking to participate need to register and place a No Mow May sign in their yard.