CAMBRIA, Wis. (WFRV) – Two people in Wisconsin were taken into custody and officially charged after deputies found multiple animals living in horrid conditions.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says it got a report from a ‘concerned’ citizen on July 31 about possible animal neglect. The report mentioned that there were several dogs and cats at the residence and the residents were ‘rarely’ there.

Deputies reportedly tried to contact the residents of the home multiple times to make sure the animals were being taken care of properly but were not able to do so. An investigation and interviews with other citizens give deputies enough information to get a search warrant for the residence.

When authorities entered the residence, a ‘very strong’ odor of urine and feces reportedly greeted them. The following animals were found:

  • Two dogs
  • Three cats
  • One bearded dragon

Authorities said that the animals were living in ‘unacceptable conditions’ and did not have proper food and water. The animals were reportedly taken from the residence and placed with the Humane Society and a local reptile rescue.

The occupants of the home were identified as 34-year-old Brock Folts and 24-year-old Samantha Campos. The two were taken into custody on the following charges:

  • Mistreatment of animals – six counts
  • Failing to provide proper food to animal – six counts
  • Failing to provide water to animal – six counts
  • Failing to provide proper shelter to animal – five counts
  • Failure to provide proper shelter – ventilation – five counts
  • Failure to provide proper shelter – adequate space – two counts
  • Failure to provide proper shelter – sanitation standards – five counts
  • Abandoning animals – six counts
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Court records show that both have been officially charged. Both are facing nine charges each.

They are scheduled to be back in court on August 25 for their pre-trial conference. The post had the following statement:

The Sheriff’s Office offers our thanks to the concerned citizens who reached out and notified us of the suspected neglect of these animals. Under Wisconsin law, animal owners must provide appropriate shelter, living conditions, food, and water for their pets.

Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

No additional information was provided.