OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – The Lifest Christian music festival has all the sights, sounds, and yes the smells of all that county fair-like food that you’d find at any other festival.

But, it is the heartfelt message of love that sets it apart from the others.

“The beauty of music about Jesus is that it can reach anybody anywhere,” Twin Cities artist Allison Ide told Local 5 News. “If we can unite both sides of that. Take Jesus music and help it expand and help people who don’t know Jesus, that’s the goal.”

Of course, many of the people who have gathered here and will be camped out the entire weekend are very much aware of the concerns about large events and security.

But when Local 5 News visited Friday on the second day of the festival, there was no sense of fear.

In fact, we came across a retired Appleton Police Officer who has volunteered her time and staff with her security agency to check the backgrounds of all the volunteers who are working here at Lifest.

“You know our world right now,” acknowledged Julie Russell of Diversified Investigations. “We have to be safe and what we can’t prevent, we can almost assuredly deter.”

When you wander around the crowd, you get a sense of belonging and even the youngest participants recognize the importance of the message behind the music.

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“I love that I can express myself and my faith in Jesus,” said Layton Wright of Combined Locks who will stay in a tent with his brother Ian and his mom for the entire four-day run. He says even during the rainstorm, nothing could dampen the spirit. “Keep your hopes up and good things will come.”

One-day tickets are $25. Half for kids 8 to 15 and free for kids 7 and under.