MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – Controversy over a Manitowoc resident’s political sign, located on his property, has led to a response from the city and a slightly censored version of the sign to be released.

For some time now, Bob Lewandowski, a long-time supporter of former President Donald Trump, has displayed a political sign outside of his property, located on Memorial Drive, that read ‘F— Biden’.

Being located in a heavily populated area, it’s no surprise this signage has garnered as much controversy as it has. Many residents have reportedly submitted complaints to the city requesting that Lewandowski take down his sign.

However, a response from the Assistant to the Mayor, Stacey Groll, stated there was nothing the city could do about this sign or any other political sign for that matter.

“The City of Manitowoc recognizes the right of citizens to protect political speech, and only regulates signage based on placement, construction, number of signs, and other content-neutral factors,” shared Groll.

And while some people remain firm in their stance against the sign, Lewandowski says others have encouraged him to keep it up, and he plans to do just that – but with one small adjustment.

Lewandowski has decided, on his own accord, to remove one letter from the profanity. However, even with the letter tweak, Lewandowski’s sign is still relaying its intended message to President Biden loud and clear.