Cottage damaged by ice shoves along the Bay of Green Bay

Local News

Most years, the danger presented by ice shoves along the Bay of Green Bay has passed by April, but 2018 has proved to be unlike most years.

Many people who live along the Bay of Green Bay spent the better part of a weekend trying to move out of the way of the powerful force of nature.

Greg Ludwig manages a cottage in the Town of Union, that was not fortunate enough to escape the devastation.

Saturday morning, an ice shove made its way out of the bay, and into the front bedroom of the structure.

“You know, like they say, it came in like a freight train, there’s no stopping it,” Ludwig told Local Five, “you can’t, it’s mother nature, it is what it is.”

Ludwig was notified to the incident by the sheriff’s office, over concerns that the cottage’s gas line could be compromised by the intruding ice, possibly putting the cottage in danger of an explosion.

Luckily, the gas line is located at the other side of the cottage, and has not yet been touched by ice.

Ludwig says the ice has not moved since Saturday, but he is checking on it everyday, until an excavator can be brought in to push the snow and ice back into the bay it came from.

The damaged wall and window will then be boarded up until repairs can be made at a later date.

Ludwig says that insurance will likely cover the cost of all repairs.

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