Two lovebirds from Slagelse, Denmark, flew thousands of miles from Europe to Wisconsin to get married at Lambeau Field on the eve of the Packers-Bears game. 

Christian and Kristine Visholm wanted to get married in America, and they tossed around the idea of tying the knot in Las Vegas.

Then, Christian had a better plan. 

“One day I came home from work and Christian was like, “Oh, I checked the internet, we can get married on Lambeau Field! What do you feel about that?’ And I was like what the heck, it sounds so much more fun than Vegas, and much more special for us, yeah, because I know this place means a lot to Christian so therefore it means a lot to me as well,” Kristine Visholm said. 

Christian became a Packers fan during the Brett Farve era, and now he loves cheering on Aaron Rodgers. 

“Fifteen, sixteen years ago watching a game with Brett Farve and just seeing that gunslinger throw it out and winning the game on his own, and from then on just growing as a Packers fan and watching the game every week, and now Aaron is my big hero,” Christian Visholm said. 

He and his wife are such big fans of the quarterback, that they named their first son after him. 

“Aaron Rodgers, my big hero,” Christian said. “I waited for three years behind Farve to see him play, and I haven’t been disappointed.”

But, in Denmark, you have to get approval if you want to name your child a name that’s not on a common list, like the name Aaron. 

“We had to fill out some forms and run it by the church, because in Denmark we can name the kids whatever we want to, but we have a no-go list so the government needs to check if you use a new name you need to check the list if you’re allowed to use it,” the newlyweds explained. 

Now, after a journey of finding each other and sharing their love for the Pack, the Visholms are over the moon with joy tying the knot at Lambeau Field. 

“Being here at the stadium just takes your breath away, you can’t plan this, no,” they said. 

Christian went to his first Packers game on Sunday when the Packers took on the Bengals, and on Thursday he and Kristine went to her first Packers game, when the team played against the Bears.