MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WFRV) – Two people in Wisconsin were able to fraudulently buy nearly $30,000 of furniture, and authorities said the couple is using the scam across the state.

The couple returned one day later on August 24 and bought more furniture. This time the total was $13,250. The two purchases totaled $28,305.

After the transactions happened, the store called its credit card company, and it was learned that the transactions were actually denied. The authorities received the report on August 24.

The man reportedly identified himself verbally as Timothy Litt and gave a pin number to the employee to force the transaction through. The credit reader reportedly did not allow the transaction to go through before the pin number was given.

The same two people reportedly tried to buy merchandise at a different furniture store using the same method. However, that salesperson did not force the transaction and the sale never happened.

The woman gave the name of Antoinette Williams. Officials believe that these two are using this scam throughout Wisconsin and even in other states.

Anyone with information on this scam is asked to call 715-305-6493.

No additional information was provided.