MARQUETTE, Wis. (WFRV) – The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is looking for any information regarding a vehicle that was recovered in the Village of Westfield on Sunday and is believed to have been involved in a police pursuit.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, on Sunday morning at around 7:22 a.m., deputies discovered an abandoned vehicle located on W. 2nd Street in Westfield. Officials say the vehicle is believed to have been involved in a pursuit that took place on I-39 with one of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office Deputies reaching speeds of 130 mph.

Deputies report the pursuit was terminated in the village of Westfield when the vehicle could not be located. The vehicle was later recovered in Westfield and was in the area where it was last seen by the Deputy involved in the pursuit.

Officials say the vehicle seemed to have been involved in an accident where it was located and was stuck partially in the water. Besides the damage from the accident, authorities say there was additional damage and paint transfer that was not from the current accident.

There was reportedly blue paint transfer along the passenger side of the vehicle from the back bumper to the front quarter panel as well as some of the same paint transfer on the driver’s side front quarter panel.

Law enforcement reports the vehicle did not have any license plates mounted on it but did have a Wisconsin plate resting on the front dash and on the back window ledge. The license plate read ABT5907.

Deputies say contact has not been made with the vehicle owner and are asking anyone who may have any information on the vehicle and its owner to contact the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department at 608-297-2115.