Warm weather is headed our way this weekend and you can expect to see bicyclists out on the roads.
It’s a good time to remind you to share the road with those using two-wheeled transportation.
A tragic reminder came Friday morning in Oconto County, when a 59-year-old Lena man was hit and killed as he rode his bicycle on County Highway A.  
“It’s really sad news,” says Mary Catterton. 
Catterton is a professional cyclist and racer.
She says it’s always hard to hear about the death of a fellow rider.
Friday’s crash is a reminder that the spring-like weather will have many more cyclists on the roads this weekend than there have been in quite some time.  
“If you’re used to seeing, you know two or three cyclists a day – tomorrow you can plan on just about every bike shop having a group ride some place. And in order to get to the some place,  they’ve got to ride through town,” explains Catterton. 
Most cyclists will do all they can to protect themselves while riding, like wearing reflective gear and using lights on their bikes even during the day. 
“So as a motorist, we need to sort of be on the look out for increased bicycle traffic,” says Catterton. 
Drivers should also slow down and keep a three-foot distance between their car and a cyclist when passing a rider. 
Catterton says cyclists need to remember that they don’t own the road either. 
After losing several close friends to car versus cyclist accidents, Catterton hopes for a season of cycling where riders and drivers are constantly aware of sharing the road. 
“It has the potential of being a better Spring, more fun, less accidents and better camaraderie, better working relationship you know between the cyclist and the motor vehicle driver,” says Catterton. 
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