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Dairy farmers accused of cheating government

CLINTONVILLE, Wis. - The United States of America is taking Kaitryn and Derek Van Asten to court.
According to the indictment, they are accused of scheming to cheat the government by illegally selling cows.

From March 2008 to December 2013, the Van Asten's got approved for a series of loans from the Farm Service Agency, an arm of the US Department of Agriculture, to buy 173 cows for their farm.

The couple bumped that number to over 300 through lease-agreements with out-of-state cattle-leasing companies and started selling the cows for profit.

The government says the Van Asten's committed 72 fraudulent cattle sales, totaling $411,649.

They are also accused of lying about their finances during a bankruptcy petition in 2015.

When asked for comment, the FSA said "this is a matter of litigation," and that it has no comment.

An inquiry has been sent to the Department of Justice for comment.

The trial is scheduled to start on May 18.

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