(WFRV) – Day nine of the Sturgeon spearing season has wrapped up and things have slowed down since Saturday high harvest total.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), there were only 46 fish harvested on Sunday. This is about half as much as Saturday’s numbers.

The DNR speculates that the slow harvest was due to the high wind gusts around Lake Winnebago.

Of the 46 fish harvested, six were juvenile females, 23 were adult females and 17 were males. This brings the total on Lake Winnebago to 874 fish.

Officials said Calumet Harbor had the highest harvest of the day with 19 fish. However, the biggest fish of the day was a 127.2 pound, 72.4-inch F4 female speared by Brian Zblewski. This fish was registered at Grundman Lane.

Additionally, DNR experts said they were very excited to see a local spearer, Nick Schaus, register a 106.4-pound, 75.3 inch, M1 male sturgeon at the Harrison registration station.

Officials explained their excitement further stating that this male fish was not only the first sturgeon over 100 pounds registered at the Harrison registration station, but it is also very uncommon for male sturgeon to be this large.

Nick Schaus with his large M1 male sturgeon weighing 106.4 pounds and measuring 75.3 inches

View full details in Sunday’s full harvest report.