De Pere bar gets vomit complaints, could lose liquor license

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Buddha’s Still bar in De Pere is facing hefty fines and potential loss of their liquor license after their next-door neighbor filed multiple complaints that patrons are vomiting on and around her business.

The next-door business, consulting firm O’Connor Connective, has also installed security cameras facing the front and back sides of Buddha’s Still. 

The bar owner, Robert Younger, says the owner of O’Connor Connective wants them out. 

“She wants us out of here and she wants us shut down, and I’ve received a letter from her attorney stating that she wants to have our liquor license removed permanently,”  Younger said.

Right now, Buddha’s Still is the only bar is the only one facing complaints like this in De Pere.

“We have not seen this with other businesses, it may be occurring, but we don’t have complaints on that,” Chief Derek Beiderwieden of the De Pere Police Department said. “We do have some complaints on Buddha’s Still currently, we have four of them, that are outstanding as of January, mid-January this year.”

Younger contends that his bar is the only business open late where bar-hoppers can enter on Main Avenue and access the parking lot in Nicolet Square, so they don’t have to walk around the block. He believes this is why there is more of a ‘mess’ around his bar. 

“There’s nine bars in a two-block district down here,” Younger said. 

But police believe the pukers are Buddha Still patrons. 

“We know that at least four of these instances have occurred involving Buddha Still because we have some evidence to support that,” Chief Beiderwieden said.

Younger said he’s not over-serving customers, and now his crew checks for vomit outside and will clean it when it’s there. 

“We do a great job here of not serving intoxicated people,” Younger said.

He added, “My employees have to clean up her property every night now, there’s a cleaning guy that comes in to check her property.”

Buddha’s Still has three tickets for the messes; each citation costs $313. 

“There are other bars in this area that have the same issue, now they’re singling out and targeting me because she’s complaining so much,” Younger said.

But regardless of which bar’s patrons are puking, the city would just like to find a way to make it stop. 

“We want bars to comply with the ordinances, to keep an orderly house, and be responsible for those patrons that are in their place and then leave their place,” Chief Beiderwieden explained.

Chief Beiderwieden will ask De Pere’s licensing committee consider a pre-hearing on April 5th to review Buddha’s Still’s liquor license.

The bar faces the potential to have it suspended or revoked. 

Younger says he is trying to have a mediation with the owner of O’Connor Connective while also fighting the citations in court. 

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