De Pere City Council votes against renewal of liquor license, bar plans to appeal

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The De Pere Common Council voted Tuesday against the renewal of the Fox & Moo’s liquor licenses, per the request of the city’s police chief.

Chief Derek Beiderwieden submitted a memo to the licensing committee following an incident outside the bar on May 25.

The report details a scuffle that started in the bar and ended with shots fired in a nearby parking lot. Through their investigation, police found that some of the individuals involved in the incident had been inside of the bar, even though there were not yet 21 years old.

Chelsie Brakke, Bar Manager at the Fox & Moo told Local 5 that the individuals were granted access to the bar after their ID’s were checked. 

“Within five minutes (of their admittance to the bar) there was an altercation so my staff went back there and handled the situation,” she said, “just like any other bar would. It wasn’t anything major, and removed them from the bar.”

Brakke said she talked to police that night regarding the incident. She says that the topic of underage drinking was never addressed in that conversation, but that De Pere police later issued the bar a citation for admitting minors under the age of 21.

“That is where the liquor law part of the investigation came from,” Captain Jeremy Muraski of the De Pere Police Department told Local 5.

The Fox & Moo’s two liquor licenses are up for renewal at the end of the month, and instead of signing off of them, the city’s police chief asked the licensing committee for a pre-hearing.

That request was granted Tuesday night.

Ald. Jonathan Hansen told Local 5 that the owner of the establishment can now request a formal hearing, which the Council hopes to schedule before the licenses are set to expire on June 30.

“This is really upsetting,” Brakke said of the situation, “because we actually run a very tight ship.”

Brakke added that in the six months the bar has been in operation, there have been no other major mishaps.

According to De Pere police, there have been three instances in the past six months where police were called to the address, but they could not provide any further details.

Brakke says she has faith that the situation will work itself out through the hearing process.

“I guess we’ll find out once they review everything,” she said, “but I would hope that they would make the right decision and allow our business to stay open because we’re just up and coming and it’s been going great so far.”

To read the police chief’s full complaint, click here.

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