DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Officials with the De Pere Fire Rescue recently announced that they are raising funds by selling what they are calling a “Stuffed Stanley.”

According to a Facebook post, a “Stuffed Stanley” is a stuffed animal version of the De Pere Fire Rescue’s newest teammate and therapy dog in training.

Officials say that purchasing the stuffed animal is a good way to show support for Stanley and the Fire Rescue’s staff as well as providing an opportunity to get someone an early holiday gift.

“We certainly appeal to any support from the community. For initiative’s like this, this is really about the mental health and well being of our staff. So if we can gain community support to help support our staff, that’s just wonderful. That’s what we’d be asking for.”

City of De Pere Fire Chief Alan Matzke

The Stanley plush is priced at $20, including tax, and all proceeds are said to go to future expenses that Stanley may need throughout his lifespan.

“Stuffed Stanley” is available while supplies last and can be bought with cash or a check at De Pere Fire Resue’s Station No. 1.