DE PERE, Wis.(WFRV)- Two weeks after an assault on the De Pere East River Trail, an arrest has been made, but no formal charges filed.

Detectives have been working on the case since it was first reported on October 5th. Since then, the quiet community has been reacting.

“I waited a few day and my family wasn’t too comfortable with me coming back on the trail,” said Roberta Bordini. Bordini told WFRV’s Eric Richards that she has lived in the community for years and it has been safe. ” I feel like anything can happen anywhere,” said Bordini.

Another longtime resident also says that the neighborhood that leads to the trail has been a safe, close community and things like this do not happen here. “The trail is usually well-used, I can’t believe that someone would do something like this in broad daylight,” said Peter Larshide.

Larshide says there are signs posted around town about a “Neighborhood Watch” but there actually isn’t one. “A couple of our neighbors are sending a petition around to start a neighborhood watch,” said Larshide.

Local 5 obtained a flyer that is being circulated within the De Pere community that states a meeting will be held at a private home on October 27th to discuss the development of a “Neighborhood Watch” program. De Pere Police are expected to be in attendance to answer questions that community members have.