UPDATE: Two teens facing 10 counts of property damage in De Pere BB gun incident

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UPDATE: Two teens facing 10 counts of property damage in De Pere BB gun incident

July 16th, 2019

In June, the De Pere Police Department and neighboring law enforcement agencies responded to multiple calls of commercial windows being damaged.  

Police say a BB Gun was being used to shoot at and damage the windows.  

Authorities estimate that damages exceeded $8,500.

De Pere Police received information from a resident, which resulted in two suspects being identified.  

An 18-year-old man and a 17-year-old were referred to the Brown County District Attorney’s Office for ten counts of Criminal Damage to Property. Of those counts, five were in De Pere, four were in Ashwaubenon, and one was at the Brown County Fairgrounds.  

Names are being withheld pending formal charges.

De Pere Police Dept. investigating windows damaged by BB guns

June 7th, 2019


The De Pere Police Department is looking for the suspect or suspects who are responsible for causing damage to windows in the city by shooting them with a BB gun.

“Sometimes people say BB guns, they’re not that big of a deal, but people have actually been killed,” said Jeremy Muraski, Captain, De Pere Police Dept. “So it’s not a toy. It’s not something that they should just be randomly shooting out of a car window or anything like that.”

The department says they’ve received multiple reports of the BB gun damage, including at the Brown County Fairgrounds and on multiple businesses on the 900 block of Oak Street.

“That’s concerning, they could hit somebody,” Muraski said. “They could blind somebody. Obviously, they could do property damage. So it is concerning.”

Police say the multiple incidents are probably related as they occurred in relatively close proximity. They’re now asking area residents to be watchful.

“Be vigilant,” Muraski said. “If you see anybody suspicious, somebody that maybe doesn’t belong in your area, give us a call… so we can nip it in the bud, keep it from happening, keep people from getting their property broken, and God forbid, like I said, somebody getting hurt more seriously.”

Muraski also said anyone who wants to shoot BB guns should do so in a safe area with safe targets and adult supervision.

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