SUAMICO, Wis. (WFRV) – After having his home struck by vehicles on three separate occasions, one Suamico man is demanding public leaders to address this problem.

Cornelius Vannieuwenhoven says he’s tired of having his home used as a parking lot.  

“Now I got to go through this crap again, you can see where she hit way back there, she comes across here into there and bang into the house,” said Vannieuwenhoven. 

Vannieuwenhoven says he and the people who live here are worried they may be hit and killed. 

“The first time I got out of my chair if I would not have, I would have probably been killed because my chair landed on top of my wife, and I pulled the chair of off her,” stated Vannieuwenhoven. 

For more than seven years, Vannieuwenhoven’s home has been damaged by cars. Vannieuwenhoven says they need a barrier to stop cars from crashing into his house. 

“I asked the county about putting a guard rail up, they said it’s not hazardous,” stated Vannieuwenhoven. 

Vannieuwenhoven says they must do something before someone gets killed.  

“I’m sort of fed up with the county, I don’t think they’re out for anybody but themselves, that’s what I think about the top-notch in the county,” said Vannieuwenhoven. 

Local 5 has reached out to the county multiple times, but they have yet to respond.