MADISON, WI (WFRV) -Now that the dust has settled with Tuesday’s primary, the group “Democracy Found” is pointing out problems with the process.

The group says primaries have greater influence than the general election with only about 20% of the electorate making the decisions.

“That means the accountability for governing is really with this small segment of our electorate,” said Sara Eskrisch of “Democracy Found.”

That’s because for example in Wisconsin about two dozen assembly seats are unopposed in the general election.

“We’re looking at a better way to drive up accountability in our elections. Make our general elections matter. Instead of in so many of our races having the primary, effectively be the only race that matters.”

Instead of the primary, the group proposes the “Final 5 Voting” where voters rank their favorite candidate regardless of party affiliation.

“And in the general election, you then use the system called an instant run-off,” explained Eskrisch. “So whoever wins in that five-way general election has the broadest support amongst the most voters.”

Eskrisch says “Final 5 Voting” is being used for the first time in Alaska this year.

It’s also on the ballot in Nevada.

The group hopes to have a bill allowing it in Wisconsin brought up during the next legislative session in Madison.