GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A man from Denmark is facing multiple charges after an incident at Aurora Hospital involving the perceived treatment of his pregnant wife.

According to a criminal complaint, 43-year-old Larry Born is facing multiple charges stemming from an incident on April 6 at Aurora Hospital in Green Bay. An officer with Green Bay Police Department was sent to the hospital for a report of a verbal and physical disturbance with security.

The officer talked with a security guard, who said that Born was escorted out for causing a disturbance where his wife was. Born’s wife was on the maternity ward but had not given birth.

The security guard said that Born was angry over the treatment and care that his wife was getting at the hospital. Officers were able to speak with Born over the phone, who said he understood that he was ‘no trespassed’ from the hospital. ‘No trespassed’ appears to be an action described by hospital security when someone is removed from the premises and is not allowed back on the property.

The Green Bay Police Department was notified of social media posts on Facebook from Born who reportedly made negative comments about Aurora Hospital. The security guard pointed out some photos of paperwork from Aurora and timeclocks which were in areas where Born was not supposed to be.

Born was reportedly calling Risk Management at Aurora and was asking how to get a duffle bag that he left behind. The bag allegedly contained $9,000 and Born was going to use that money to get a gun.

The security guard did say there were no direct threats to the hospital, and Born did not indicate anything about using a gun to ‘shoot up’ the hospital. However, since a gun was mentioned the hospital was placed on a light lockdown.

Three days later on April 9, an officer with the Green Bay Police Department spoke with an anonymous caller who said they worked for Aurora. The caller said that employees were worried about Born coming back, and he was posting on social media.

One of the posts allegedly made by Born was regarding tannerite and how ‘awesome’ it is. Born also posted about how he walked through the entire Aurora hospital. Aurora reportedly increased security measures to keep their employees safe and thought Born may go through with some of the threats.

Tannerite is described as:

Tannerite is incredibly stable when subjected to less severe forces such as a hammer blow or being dropped. It is more than 1000 times safer than ordinary black powder, since it is not flammable and can not be initiated by any kind of flame or electricity. It is supplied as two powders, which are combined to produce the explosive.

Fleet Farm’s website

Born met with the Green Bay Police Department on April 9, and said that he has three active Facebook accounts, but has had previous accounts permanently banned. Born did reportedly tell officers that he made all the Facebook posts on his account.

He told officers that Aurora wanted to perform an emergency procedure or induce labor. This, he said, was against his wife’s religious beliefs. Born said he was told to leave, and mentioned that he did so without arguing.

The duffle bag was described by Born as having his wife’s clothes and $5,000 cash in it. He wanted to get the clothes to his wife, and said he left the bag in the parking lot so security could bring it up to his wife. Born did say that he told a hospital employee that the money in the bag was intended to buy a gun.

Born told officers that he uses a picture of two AR-15 rifles as his cover photo to protect his family from threats, including threats from CPS taking his children. He did say that his posts were not directed at Aurora, and he did not intend to threaten anyone.

The security guard told authorities about a reported incident regarding a man who matched Born’s description, who was driving over curbs in the parking lot and following nursing staff. The man was also recording the staff, and the vehicle also matched Born’s vehicle description.

When discussing the initial incident that happened on April 6, the guard said that he and his co-worker were called about a patient who was being verbally aggressive with the attending physician and nurse. When they entered the room they found Born challenging the physician and the guard with a math question.

Born reportedly kept repeating the question of: ‘fifteen times five’. Born allegedly got more and more aggressive and started recording the hospital staff. He was escorted out of the hospital and left in a Dodge Ram.

Born is facing the following charges:

  • Threat of Bodily Harm to a Worker in a Health Care Facility
    • Imprisoned not more than six years
    • Felony
  • Terrorist Threats – Create Risk of Causing Result
    • Imprisoned not more than three and a half years
    • Felony
  • Disorderly Conduct
    • Imprisoned not more than ninety days
    • Misdemeanor
  • Computer Message-Threaten/Injury or Harm
    • Imprisoned not more than ninety days
    • Misdemeanor

Born was scheduled to have his initial appearance on April 11 at 2 p.m.

No additional information was provided, Local 5 will continue to update this story as details are released.