ADDISON, Wis. (WFRV) – In what authorities are describing as an apparent ‘avoidable crash’, one man ended up hitting a passing train during foggy conditions.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, on August 9 around 5:40 a.m. a crash involving a train and a vehicle was seen by a witness. The crash happened on the Canadian National (CN) Railway at Hwy DW near Ohio Road.

The communications center contacted CN and told them about the vehicle hitting the end of the train. CN reportedly was not aware of the crash but did end up stopping immediately.

The driver of the vehicle that crashed into the train was able to remove himself from the vehicle and authorities found him sitting roadside.

Officials say that at the time of the crash the area was experiencing heavy dense fog. The witness said that their vehicle and the one that crashed into the train were both driving eastbound on Hwy DW.

The witness reportedly stopped at the train crossing and saw the other vehicle approaching at a high speed. In order to prevent a collision, the driver of the other vehicle turned into a ditch and ended up hitting one of the last cars of the train.

The sheriff’s office said that this could have been an ‘avoidable crash’ if the driver slowed down to drive safely in the fog. The railway warning lights and stop arm were reportedly working as designed.

The driver of the vehicle that crashed into the train was identified as a man from Addison and was last reported to be in stable condition at a hospital. There was no information on if he was cited for any violations.

Addison is about 30 minutes south of Fond du Lac.