GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Deputies in Brown County got the opportunity to hang out with some local students ahead of the school year on Monday through the first-ever Cops and Kids event.

Each child who participated in the event was paired up with a Brown County Sheriff’s deputy and transported to McDonald’s for breakfast. Following the breakfast, the deputy and child went over to Walmart, where the students got to pick out school supplies and sleek new outfits.

Local 5 News caught up with Randy Winkler, Organizer and Treasurer for Green Bay Lodge 2, to talk about the importance of connecting law enforcement with area youth.

“There’s a lot of kids that need back-to-school items,” said Winkler. “Some of them are nervous going back to school as well, so this is an opportunity to meet with them, and a lot of the officers that are here are school resource officers, so it’s a chance to meet with them and have a lot of positive contact with them.”

Around 20 kids attended the first-ever event, and Winkler hopes that they’ll be able to expand this once-a-year thing in 2024.

The kids were more than happy to hang out at McDonald’s and spend the day shopping at Walmart.

“We’re shopping for some school supplies,” said 8-year-old Fabian. “We got some folders, crayons, markers, and everything else.”

4th-grade student Azario also was very excited to pick out some of the newest and coolest supplies on the shopping list. He also said it was one of the better days of the year.

“Like a nine out of ten,” said Azario.

After breakfast at McDonald’s and shopping at Walmart, the kids ended the day with a display of various law enforcement vehicles before being picked back up by loved ones.