CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WFRV) – Officials have released more details surrounding the murder of 10-year-old Chippewa Falls resident, Lily Peters.

In a complaint released Friday, it states that on April 24, Peters was first reported missing by her father after she had failed to return home from her aunt’s house.

A search for Peters quickly ensued and ended the following morning when Peters was found dead and partially clothed in a wooded area.

A forensic autopsy, which was performed on April 26, found evidence that Peters had been sexually assaulted and had suffered blunt force trauma.

On the same day that the autopsy was performed, an investigator interviewed a 14-year-old suspect who reportedly admitted to killing and sexually assaulting Peters.

The complaint states that the teen told the detective that he had followed Peters after she had left her aunt’s house with the intention to rape and kill her.

The suspect told the detective that along the way, he punched Peters in the stomach and then struck her in the head multiple times.

The suspect then allegedly strangled Peters and sexually assaulted her before fleeing back to his home.

Shortly after returning home, he heard that Peters was missing and ‘determined he needed to hide her better.’ The suspect returned to the scene in an attempt to hide Peters’ body with leaves.

The suspect is now being charged with First Degree Intentional Homicide, First Degree Sexual Assault, and First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child Under the Age of 13 Resulting in Great Bodily Harm.