OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – The Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office has determined that an officer with the Oshkosh Police Department’s use of force was justified during an officer-involved shooting that took place back in mid-March.

According to a news release, the incident happened on March 16, 2023, when officers were investigating a threats complaint involving a homeless woman victim who was currently working at an assisted living facility as a temporary CNA in Oshkosh.

The complaint involved a man who had taken the victim’s money, car, and phone. He had also hit her and threatened her with further violence.

Police say the suspect had recently been released from prison and was on parole. It was later determined he was wanted on a probation warrant through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

The woman said she felt frightened and trapped. She was afraid of this man and afraid to talk to the police for fear the man would hurt her again.

She reportedly spoke to her coworkers about the man, and one of them contacted the Oskosh Police Department on her behalf.

Officers spoke with the victim over the phone to gain information about the suspect. She advised that she thought her vehicle and the suspect would be at the bars on North Main Street.

Police located the vehicle and conducted surveillance, where they found the suspect returning to the vehicle around 1:30 a.m. One officer positioned their squad car directly behind the victim’s vehicle to prohibit it from leaving.

The suspect was seated in the driver’s seat when two officers approached from each side of the car. Both officers attempted to make contact with the suspect, but he allegedly put the vehicle in reverse, narrowly missing the officer, and then backed up into the parked squad car.

At this time, within seconds, one of the officers was directly in front of the suspect’s vehicle with no area of cover or escape routes. The suspect had his headlights on, with the officer being in the driver’s expected field of vision.

The officer reportedly observed the suspect looking at her and saw the suspect shift the vehicle into drive and accelerate the vehicle toward her.

Based on her proximity to the vehicle and the driver’s actions, the officer was afraid for her life and fired two rounds at the suspect. One round hit him and injured him.

After being shot, the suspect hit a concrete light pole base and a parked vehicle before coming to a resting stop. Officers removed him from the vehicle and began rendering aid. That is when the Oshkosh Fire Department responded to the scene and transported him to a nearby hospital for his injuries.

He was treated and later transferred to the custody of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections for an outstanding warrant for a parole violation.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigations conducted a thorough and complete investigation by identifying all relevant evidence to determine the facts of this incident.

After a review of the case, the Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office found the suspect presented a significant risk to the life and safety of the officer. Officials say the act reasonably put the officer in fear of imminent death or great bodily harm, and her use of force was justifiable.

Due to victim rights obligations, the name of the officer involved is not being released. As with all cases where there are potential criminal charges, the Oshkosh Police Department is also not releasing the name of the suspect at this time.

No further information was provided. Local 5 News will update this if any additional details are released.