(WFRV) – Wisconsinites are urged to avoid burning throughout Easter weekend due to the high winds that are expected throughout Wisconsin.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), residents are ‘strongly’ urged to avoid burning from April 14 through April 17 due to strong, windy conditions. This advisory includes small fires for warming or cooking.

The DNR explains embers from any fire can easily escape control and cause a wildfire. This risk increases on windy days.

Officials report that there have been nearly 60 wildfires within the last week. The department now has responded to a total of 126 wildfires burning more than 309 acres so this year.

The DNR has provided to following fire safety tips to help keep Wisconsinites safe during Easter weekend:

  • Check before you burn; DNR burning permit restrictions and fire danger will vary from county to county.
  • Burn permits for debris burning will likely be suspended in several counties over the coming days until conditions improve.
  • Operate equipment (chainsaws, off-road vehicles, lawn mowers, etc.) early in the morning or late in the day to avoid sparks at peak burn hours.
  • Secure dragging trailer chains.
  • Delay having campfires until the evening hours as fire conditions tend to improve; keep them small and contained.
  • Report fires early, dial 911.