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DNR: Lake Winnebago water clarity poor for sturgeon spearing season

Sturgeon spearing season on Lake Winnebago is set to begin on Saturday, but many spearers are worried about the lake's water clarity.

On average, the visibility of Lake Winnebago is about 6.5 feet in the water column, with some of the worst areas at only three feet.  A good spearing season usually requires 12 feet or greater.

The poor clarity is due to run-off from rain at the end of January. In addition, little or no snow cover on the lake ice has allowed sun to penetrate the water and create winter algae blooms.

According to DNR Fishery Biologist, Ryan Koenigs, this is the worst recorded water clarity marks since the 2006 season.

Approximately 13,000 spearing licenses were sold on Lake Winnebago and the upper river lakes in anticipation for this season. 

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