(WFRV) – With a recent uptick in snowmobile incidents happening across the state, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says conservation wardens and law enforcement partners will be on patrol this weekend.

The DNR says there have been two snowmobile fatalities reported in 2022, compared to 13 in 2021. Alcohol, excess speed, driver inexperience and operator error were reportedly the leading causes.

Conservation wardens and law enforcement partners will be on patrol all across Wisconsin this weekend, the DNR says. There wasn’t any information on if the DNR plans to focus on certain areas of Wisconsin.

On Jan. 12 a Wausaukee woman died after a snowmobile accident in Oconto County. That wasn’t the only incident in Oconto County, as the sheriff was looking for a snowmobiler who drove through the Mountain Cemetary. The snowmobiler reportedly ended up coming forward, and the case was closed.

Then on Jan. 8 a snowmobiler allegedly purposefully drove towards an Iditarod musher, and injured multiple dogs.