(WFRV) – A new program being tested out by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will make state park and forest vehicle admission day passes available to library card holders across Wisconsin.

Starting on November 1, library cardholders will be able to check out a pass from participating libraries to gain access to Wisconsin state parks and forests.

“The DNR is continually looking for innovative opportunities to bring more people to state parks and forests and to ensure everyone in Wisconsin has access to our incredible natural resources,” said Steve Schmelzer, Director of the Wisconsin State Park System. “By partnering with Wisconsin’s library system, we can reach households who may not be as familiar with the wide array of opportunities Wisconsin’s state parks and forests have to offer.”

The pilot program, Check Out Wisconsin State Parks At Your Library, is a collaborative effort between the DNR, Wisconsin Library Association’s Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

“We are proud to work with our partner organizations to develop and pilot this program with our public library members,” said Laura Sauser, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Library Association. “This program is another wonderful example of the role Wisconsin’s public libraries can play in connecting urban and rural community members with resources for both learning and enjoyment both in and outside the library building.”

Alongside the day pass, the cardholder will receive an informational kit for state park system materials and maps. Officials say they’ll also receive Wisconsin Explorer Program book, stickers, accessibility information, and more.

Each of the 20 libraries is receiving 50 total day passes for one-time use with the goal of expanding access to the Wisconsin state park system to new park visitors.

The DNR is planning to continue the program into 2023 based on participant feedback and funding. Each pass will include a survey link so the DNR can gather information and data about who used the passes and how they enjoyed the park experience.

For a complete list of participating libraries, you can head over to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website here.