GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Less than three weeks after she was found tied up and abandoned in a busy Green Bay neighborhood, ‘Baby Girl,’ the special dog that snuck into the hearts of thousands of people across the nation, has been adopted.

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS), shared the exciting news with Local 5 saying that Baby Girl was one of the first adoptions on Thursday.

And while WHS has not confirmed who adopted the nearly 6-year-old dog, what we do know is Baby Girl has found her new home and is doing well.

Baby Girl’s story started just a few weeks ago when a resident found her tied up to a fire hydrant on the corner of East Walnut Street and South Clay Street.

Expecting her owner to return, the resident joined Baby Girl on the bed of grass until it was clear that no one would not be coming back for Baby Girl.

Baby Girl when she was found tied to a fire hydrant (Courtesy of Kylie Engelhardt)

Baby Girl was subsequently taken to the Green Bay Humane Society and placed on a stray hold while staff evaluated her and tried their hand at finding her previous owner.

Their search proved fruitful as the humane society was able to get in contact with the previous owner who shared that what they wanted more than anything was for Baby Girl to find a new home.

“We passed along supportive resources that have been offered to her from this generous community. She (Baby Girl’s previous owner) expressed her gratitude and happiness knowing Baby Girl would be finding her next loving home soon,” wrote the shelter in a heartfelt post.

And ‘soon’ is an understatement.

Shortly, after Baby Girl’s story broke, calls began pouring in from all over the country with people wanting to adopt Baby Girl- and one lucky person was able to do just that.

So, while the Baby Girl’s story may have had a sad beginning, it thankfully has a happy ending.