MENASHA, Wis. (WFRV) – When Halloween is over, it may be second nature to get rid of your costumes, but there are places you can take them that will not leave an environmental scare.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend $12.2 billion on Halloween this year. With costumes contributing big to the cost, there is no doubt many will end up in landfills.

Robert Dye, communications manager for Goodwill NWC, says to think twice before putting them in the garbage.

“It’s just not good for the planet. They don’t biodegrade in time. They just sit there for years. With all the environmental instability that we had, it can be a problem,” Dye says.

Instead, consider giving your costumes a new life. Donating to secondhand stores like Goodwill can ensure costumes do not sit in a landfill.

Dye says, “Most of the time, you get them cheaper, and especially at Goodwill, you’re actually giving back to the community when you do buy your costume here because you’re creating pathways for sustainable employment and financial stability for our neighbors in the community.”

Even if costumes are not in perfect condition, Goodwill also recycles costumes and decorations into new materials when items cannot be sold.

Goodwill staff also say they receive a large influx of Halloween costumes in the days following the holiday, and they expect more of the same this year.