EGG HARBOR, WI (WFRV) -The effort to restore a piece of Door County history is picking up steam.

A big fundraiser is Saturday to help restore one of its original bookmobiles.

“The bookmobile would show up, and your class would be able to walk outside and line up at the back of the bus” recalled John Sawyer who as a kid used the bookmobile and is part of the effort to bring the bookmobile back.

“As kids, it was something we looked forward to because all we had was the encyclopedia really,”

They’re doing it in phases and have done incredible work to remove rust with a beautiful new paint job.

This bookmobile went into service back in the late 1940s, the one they’re restoring was the replacement in 1964.

The Egg Harbor Historical Society says the response from the public to get the bookmobile rolling again has been very positive.

“We have a three-tiered approach to the project,” said Carey Bertschinger of the Egg Harbor Historical Society. “We call them our three pillars, education, history, and community. If we can tie those together by next year, we feel we would have succeeded.”

Local 5 News caught up with the bookmobile at its parking spot at Sawyer Farm which is the site of Saturday’s fundraiser from 2-6 p.m. with plenty of food, drinks, raffles, and live music.

“We want the kids to have that experience,” added Sawyer. “The eagerness to learn!”