STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Gina Patza has a sunny disposition that makes her a perfect worker for Sunshine Resources of Door County which creates opportunities for people of all abilities.

“Smiling is the best thing for you,” she told Local 5 News who happened to catch her working on the garden outside the non-profit’s Sturgeon Bay location.

Gina is a paid staffer at Sunshine Resources, but on this day she was off the clock and volunteering.

“I volunteer because I love my garden. My mom taught me how to garden when I was a little girl and I’m leading the tradition on. My daughter’s doing it.”

The fact that Gina can even tell her story to Local Five’s Michele McCormack is nothing short of incredible when you consider as a teenager she was in a horrible car crash that put her in a coma for two months.

“They didn’t expect me to live and here I am.”

Gina admits she had to dig deep to start functioning again.

“It wasn’t easy. It took me years and years to get this way again.”

Although the coma does not define her, Gina doesn’t shy away from talking about her experience.

She hopes to offer inspiration to others who might be feeling as if they’re up against it.

“My mom stood by me and my dad and my sisters and brothers and here I am. And I’m a fighter. Look out I’m a fighter.”

This story with Gina was not planned.

Michele just happened to bump into Gina and they got to talking so Michele took out her cell phone to record the good deed in action.

If you see a good deed in your neighborhood, take some video and still photos, and then Local 5 News know.

Let’s keep the “Positively Wisconsin” news going.