(WFRV) – Ever driven past a vehicle with an excessively cracked windshield and wonder if that was illegal? Well, the Wisconsin State Patrol wants to remind motorists of the law following an incident on I-43.

The Wisconsin State Patrol posted on its Facebook page about a recent incident involving a smashed windshield. A trooper stopped a vehicle that was driving on I-43 in a work zone with a smashed windshield.

The driver told the trooper that his hood was secured with a bungee cord when it broke and smashed the windshield. Hoods are reportedly required to be in proper working condition.

Authorities wanted to issue the following reminder:

Hoods are required to be maintained in proper working condition and windshields may not be excessively cracked or damaged.

Wisconsin State Patrol

Links to Wisconsin State Legislature regarding windshields as well as doors, hoods, locks, latches and door handles were provided.

No additional information was provided.