GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) Green Bay has added its name to a list of communities where e-scooters are available for your personal transportation needs. Kris Schuller reports the scooters will be available for rent and hopefully on the streets, by the end of July.

If you’re looking for a way to get around Titletown that doesn’t involve a car or a bicycle, you are in luck. Because dockless electric scooters like these, owned by Bird Rides Inc., will soon be available for rent within the city.

“They are a good company, good product, so we’re very happy to be teaming up with them.,” said Alderperson Randy Scannell.

Last week City Council voted to partner with the company, allowing them to place 100 of these rentable e-scooters around the community. For a six-month pilot program to gauge public interest.

“I think it’s an exciting thing for Green Bay, to be able to jump on the micro mobility trends that are happening in other communities,” said Alderperson Brian Johnson.

“Anything we can do to enhance the transportation needs of people, enhance the vibrancy of the city, it’s a big plus,” Scannell said.

The city had been looking for a program like this ever since the dockless bike share program called Lime Bike, closed in 2019.

“They pulled out really because of a change in their business model. But the program was successful,” Johnson said.

Under the partnership which costs the city nothing, Bird will manage their fleet and all related costs of operation through the end of 2021. The scooters can be used wherever bicycles are allowed and must stay off sidewalks.

“They are going to be allowed to operate anywhere within the city limits,” said Steve Grenier from the Department of Public Works.

Users find the scooters and pay for the service through the Bird app; $1 to start and $.39 cents for every minute of use after.

“It’s a great way to not only recreate in your community, but also ease some of the traffic congestion you see in some areas, by eliminating cars and replacing it with a scooter option,” said Johnson.

The city expects the scooters to be in place for rent by the end of July. The company also launched a pilot scooter program in Appleton in April.