EAA joins other GA groups to oppose ATC privatization plan

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Major changes could be coming to this country’s air travel industry.
President Trump announced he wants to privatize the air traffic control system.
Trump says this move will make the system more modern.
Supporters say turning control of the skies to private businesses  would help with costs and travel time.
However, critics say customers would not receive proper treatment if private businesses take over.
Some groups nationwide, and right here in the region, say they’re not in favor of President Trump’s privatized air travel proposal. 
EAA in Oshkosh has joined other aviation groups that are opposed to this White House ATC privatization plan.
EAA and 15 other general aviation groups sent a letter to the President to oppose the privatization of air traffic controllers. 
CEO and chairman of EAA, Jack Pelton, says in part, “this new plan would do nothing to solve any current technology or efficiency issues, while undermining the world’s most extensive general aviation system and disrupting the world’s largest and safest air traffic control system.”

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