Anglers out on Lake Winnebago reported that there was between four and six inches of ice, thick enough for fisherman to walk out onto the lake and create a small village of shantys.

However, it is important to remember that ice conditions are constantly changing and that holds especially true early on in the season, however for fisherman ice fishing season has arrived.

“A bad day of fishing is better then a good day of work,” said Lucas Wenzel.

Fisherman told us that the ice isn’t thick enough to drive out on the ice and yesterday we reported on an incident where an SUV fell through the ice on Lake Butte Des Morts.

“We thought of bringing a a four wheeler or a snow mobile, but just to be safe ice is never one hundred percent safe,” said Wenzel

Local bait shops and fishing clubs are great resources for fisherman to check the ice conditions before heading out onto the lake.