De Pere, Wis.(WFRV)- As Governor Tony Evers continues his push across the state to get marijuana legalized, local hemp growers are taking the opportunity to educate the public on products like CBD. “Really when we talk about CBD, what we’re looking for is a version of the cannabis plant that has high levels of cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is associated with a lot of different things for different people, ” said Peggy Coffeen co-owner of P’ri CBD in De Pere. Coffeen says there are many benefits for people to use CBD. “Maybe it’s a way for you to have some mental clarity, be more productive and focused,” said Coffeen. There are also reported benefits if you have trouble sleeping.

Governor Evers attended an event in Green Bay Tuesday and was asked about where things stand on legalization. “Any type of polling that we’ve done in the state of Wisconsin either on the county level or municipal level shows that the people of Wisconsin want to see that happen,” said Evers. On the other hand, some republican leaders do not want to see that happen according to Evers. “We will keep fighting for it,” said Evers.

The Wisconsin Cannabis Association, as you can imagine, completely support the legalization effort by the Governor. “It has a number of therapeutic uses, a lot of people enjoy it responsibly so it makes sense to legalize it for adult use, and regulate it,” said Andrew Hysell. Hysell also highlights the taxation of marijuana which can benefit the state’s revenue. ” Our surrounding states like Michigan and Chicago have seen the tx revenue from legal marijuana sales which can go towards infrastructure and counties,” said Hysell.

Sublime Smoke, a newer Green Bay smoke shop says that they also sell CBD products. Since they opened in March 2020, business was affected by the pandemic, but the sales for CBD products were great in the beginning. “They were doing well, but when Delta 8 came out, sales definitely dropped,” said Debi Deno, store manager. Deno does hope for legalization though. ” I think somebody somewhere will realize how much money they’re missing out on,” said Deno.

At P’ri CBD Hemp farm, there will be an upcoming planting event where they will continue to educate individuals and families on the benefits of their products. For more information on their products and farm click here. They specialize in online sales.