GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The birds are back in town and we’re not talking about the ones that fly.

The City of Green Bay is partnering with Bird, a leader in environmentally-friendly electric transportation, to bring back the shared electronic scooters and bicycles to the city. These eco-friendly ways of transportation can be accessed through Bird’s free mobile app.

Bird’s e-scooters and e-bikes are designed to be used to replace gas-powered car trips. Whether it is a quick trip to the store or exploring the community, these electric ways of transportation provide riders with a fun and effective way to get around Green Bay.

  • Bird Bicycles
  • Bird Scooters

“We are happy to welcome Bird scooters and e-bikes to the City of Green Bay. I know the bikes and scooters will be great options for our residents as they go about their daily lives. Cities are strongest when they are well-connected with a variety of modes of transportation, and I’m excited to include Bird scooters and e-bikes on the list here in Green Bay,” said Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich.

The two forms of electric transportation do have some speed to them as the scooters can go up to 15mph and the bikes up to 20mph. They are both allowed on streets in bike lanes and riders must be 18-years-old or above to access the scooters/bikes.

All scooters and bikes are equipped with GPS technology to ensure riders are within the designated operating area. Officials are reminding those using the two to always park out of the way of pedestrians and never block driveways or building access.

For more information about Bird scooters and bicycles, click here.