(WFRV) – Several political leaders have issued statements in response to a recent report for the investigation of Wisconsin’s 2020 election.

The release of Michael Gableman’s 136-page “interim report” on Tuesday comes amid a nationwide GOP effort to reshape elections following President Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers released a statement saying, “This circus has long surpassed being a mere embarrassment for our state. From the beginning, it has never been a serious or functioning effort, it has lacked public accountability and transparency, and it has been a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars.

The full statement can be read here.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul released a statement regarding the report released by former Justice Gableman.

This report is a full-throated attack on our democracy and a truly shocking example of the authoritarian mindset at work… The Vos-Gableman investigation will long be remembered as a shameful, deeply embarrassing episode for our state legislature. The Republicans in the legislature who are responsible for this train wreck have an obligation to our democracy to condemn and end this preposterous fake investigation,” said Kaul.

To read the full statement, click here.

U.S. Sen Ron Johnson also issued a statement on the former Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice.

Like the Legislative Audit Bureau, Special Counsel Gableman raises severe issues regarding the 2020 election in Wisconsin that need to be taken seriously. The goal of our efforts moving forward is to restore confidence in our election system. That starts by following established law – which the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) failed to do multiple times during the 2020 election. The lack of cooperation by WEC and some local election officials is not only troubling, but their obstruction of his investigation raises other serious issues. I will continue to study the Special Counsel’s findings and work to make sure no legitimate vote is cancelled by a fraudulent one,” said Johnson.

In addition, Sen. Tammy Baldwin has tweeted her thoughts on the investigation.

Mike Gableman has undermined faith in our elections promoting Trump’s Big Lie, fleecing taxpayers, and suggesting the 2020 election should be overturned. He can’t handle the truth Biden won a free, fair and secure election. Trump simply lost. This circus should leave town now,” she explained.

To view her tweet, click here.