APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – 50 years is an important milestone. Whether it’s a marriage, a birthday, or the number of years at a job, the occasion always calls for a celebration.

Dan Genske, a Bar Operator in the Bar and Fabrication Department, has worked at Pierce Manufacturing since 1973, and on Tuesday, the company he gave so much to gave back to him.

To honor Genske’s remarkable commitment, officials at Pierce Manufacturing picked him and his family up in a fire truck and escorted him to the facility with sirens blaring while his coworkers awaited his arrival.

Once arriving, Genske was greeted with 50 balloons, cake, and cookies. He was awarded a customized Pierce jacket featuring the company logo and “50 years of service.” In addition, Genske was presented with a plaque.

His coworkers attended a ten-minute presentation that recapped his employment journey, which ended with thunderous applause.

Genske and his family were given a private tour of the production facility, and to top things off, he was awarded the rest of the day off with pay.