KAUKAUNA, Wi. (WFRV) – Labor Day is a day off to celebrate the nation’s laborers, but essential workers, like firefighters and police officers, still have to come to work to ensure public safety.

Lt. Mike Hamilton of the Kaukauna Fire Department said, “Well to be working on labor day it’s kinda like I’m with another family. We work long hours, we get to know each other very well. Our families know each other so to be here it doesn’t really feel like I’m missing out on too much.”

Officer Ryan Geenen of the Kaukauna Police Department said, “It’s just part of the job we signed up for. Something happens every day and somebody’s gotta go out and take care of it and that part of the reason we do what we do.”

And while first responder’s families can still get together on labor day it can be difficult for them to be apart.

Lt. Hamilton said, “I know that they’re sad when I come to work, especially on the holidays, it does break up some family times.”

But these essential workers said that it is their duty to protect and serve no matter the day.

Officer Geenen said, “It’s important to develop good relationships with the community I enjoy working with people and that’s the biggest part of the job.”

“We take an oath to help protect the city. We have to show up for work it’s our job and we started in this profession knowing that we would work some holidays,” said Lt. Hamilton.