LA CROSSE, Wis. (WFRV) – In a lawsuit filed by Wisconsin’s Governor and Attorney General, it seeks to hold polluters responsible for the costs to clean up the PFAS contamination of Wisconsin’s water.

The announcement was made Wednesday, July 20, that Gov. Evers and AG Kaul filed the lawsuit against three Wisconsin manufacturers and 15 other defendants for “wrongful, deceptive, and tortious conduct” that led to direct contamination of water, property and natural resources.

The complaint alleges that the manufacturers ‘knew or should have known’ that the use of their products would lead to these types of impacts.

However, it’s not just the contaminated water that Wisconsinites are dealing with as a result, Wisconsin taxpayers are faced with the costs to fix the contamination as well, which the lawsuit hopes to change.

“Every corner of Wisconsin has been affected by PFAS contamination, and communities are facing the harsh reality of PFAS in their wells. We’re taking immediate action to address PFAS in Wisconsin by ensuring accountability and responsibility for polluters and making sure Wisconsinites don’t have to foot the bill to clean up the messes that others have made.”

Gov. Tony Evers

A plan to take action against companies responsible for PFAS contamination was revealed last year after recommendations were released in 2019, in a ‘PFAS Action Plan.’

PFAS are human-made chemicals used in many products such as cookware, fast food wrappers, and stain-resistant sprays. The chemicals can accumulate inside the body and lead to many different health effects.

Companies and manufacturers included in the lawsuit include:

  • Tyco Fire Products, LP
    • Marinette, Wisconsin
  • Chemguard, Inc.
    • Marinette, Wisconsin
  • ChemDesign Products, Inc.
    • Marinette, Wisconsin
  • 3M Company
    • St. Paul, Minnesota
  • DuPont
    • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Among others

A copy of the lawsuit can be found here.