WISCONSIN, (WFRV) – Several exchange students are looking for a place to call home in northeast Wisconsin. Specifically, at least 10 students from Thailand, Spain, Germany, and Italy are searching for a place to sleep.

These students are involved in International Exchange, a non-profit foreign exchange program that was founded in 2002.

Local 5 met with a coordinator already housing a student and she says the program provides kids the opportunity to learn in a unique environment.

“There’s a great need for housing we have many students that come from many countries Spain, Thailand, Germany, Italy,” said Heidi Wendt, coordinator of International Experience.

International Experience provides students with the opportunity to learn and live in a different country. Wendt says the program is growing rapidly, and that some students are still searching for a place to live.

“We’re getting to the end of the program right now, so we have about 10 students left to place in the United States” said Wendt “This year has been our most successful year ever, we have placed almost 500 students already.” 

Wendt is currently housing a foreign exchange student from Spain. 

Melissa, exchange student, “I study at Bay Port High School. I came here because I wanted to learn more about your culture, visit the U.S.A., and improve my English.” 

The group is looking to get these students placed as fast as possible, with either a family or just someone with a spare bed.

Wendt pointed out these students have until next Thursday, September 1, to find housing.

Who can host?

According to International Experience’s website, hosts can include families with and without children, single parents, empty nesters, or same-sex couples.

“What matters most is that you provide a safe, tidy and caring environment for an exchange student to live,” it stated.

For more information about hosting, click here. Visit International Experience (ie-usa.org) to apply.