Experts warn driving through floodwaters can be dangerous and costly

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At Auto Clinic of Green Bay, vehicles damaged by floodwaters have been coming in more and more frequently.

Tasha Senft, an Auto Tech, remembers one car in particular that was brought in during March’s historic flooding.

“We ended up getting a Chevy Cruze in here we could not, we tried sucking the water out of the engine, we tried to get it to get it to fire up again, nothing,” she told Local 5. “It was totaled.”

She added that the vehicle was a total loss because motors and water don’t mix.

“Cars, they’re not made to go through water like that,” Senft said. “They are repellent to a certain extent. You can drive through a storm and be just fine, but as soon as you get into water where it’s a standstill, I mean you’ve got damage that’ll happen.”

Damage that could be costly.

“If you drive through deep enough, water can get sucked into the engine, so it can cause your engine to hydro lock, which can break piston rods and other major components, costing thousands of dollars,” Senft said. “You know, you’d have to get a new engine.”

That cost, just one reason Senft says drivers should try to avoid floodwaters.

“It’s a lot cheaper to stop and figure out a different route,” she said.

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